Ozone has been used in medicine for over 100 years and has been used in dentistry to treat millions of patients in Europe. It completely destroys bacteria, viruses, mold and yeast while simultaneously stimulating the immune system. Ozone used in dentistry allows us to treat many conditions in a very conservative way.

Ozone can be used in the following ways:
Cavity prevention: A custom tray that fits snugly over the teeth and gums can be made. Ozone gas is then passed into the tray for a few minutes. This eliminates the bacteria that cause decay in the tooth, including on the root surfaces. Ozone is also used just prior to filling a tooth, which disinfects it and minimizes recurrent decay. When the nerve of the tooth has been damaged by decay, ozone treatment can often minimizes the risk of nerve death, thus reducing the need for root canal or extraction.

Gum Disease/Certain Tooth or Bone Infections: Because periodontal disease is an infection, ozone can be highly effective in treating this condition to help you keep your teeth and prevent systemic disease associated with gum infection.

Dental & Cavitation Surgery: Irrigation of the surgical site with ozone can dramatically speed healing and reduce the possibility of infection.

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