Ozone Therapy: A Tooth-Saving Alternative to Traditional Dentistry

December 23, 2015

Many patients experience a great deal of fear and anxiety toward going to the dentist for regular cleanings and even more so when they know that they have a cavity that will require a filling. Much of this fear and anxiety comes from the traditional dentist experience, during which a hygienist or dentist will use a scaler, pick, or drill to scrape away tartar and debris to eliminate bacteria that is harmful to the teeth. These experiences can be painful and traumatic, but at Academy Laser Dentistry, Dr. Chris Brady offers a better way.

Ozone therapy has had documented use cases for a variety of medical conditions since the early 1800s when O3 was discovered to have properties that killed harmful bacteria. In 1896, Nikola Tesla patented the world’s first Ozone Generator, at which time it was initially used to purify drinking water. During World War I, doctors with limited access to medical resources began administering Ozone topically to kill the bacteria of infected battle wounds, and in modern times, we have found it an effective method for killing bacteria in the mouth as well.

Depending upon whether the Ozone Therapy is being used for cavity prevention, treatment of gum disease or for surgical sterilization, Ozone may be applied through a fitted tray directly to the teeth and gums, or as irrigation to the gums and surgical site. Because the Ozone kills the bacteria, oftentimes no scraping or drilling is necessary.

To inquire about Ozone Therapy or schedule an appointment, please call our office at (719) 260-9000.

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